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Using pure oxygen burner to reduce energy consumption of ladle preheating

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The Wu Steel Works has two workshops, one steelmaking workshop and the second steelmaking workshop. The second steelmaking workshop produces ordinary steel, and the first steelmaking workshop mainly produces small batches of steel grades such as special steel. The production processes include hot metal pretreatment, converter, and RH. Degassing and continuous casting produce about 20 furnaces of molten steel per day.

  The unit consumption of heavy fuel oil for ladle preheating in the first steel-making workshop is much higher than that in the second steel-making workshop. If the first steel-making workshop is 100, then the second steel-making workshop is 6.8. Therefore, reducing the amount of heavy oil used in the ladle preheating burner of a steelmaking workshop has become an important issue. In order to reduce the energy consumption of ladle preheating, Wu Iron & Steel Institute introduced pure oxygen burners.

  According to the comparison of the combustion capacity and combustion characteristics of the pure oxygen burner and the air burner, it can be seen that when the air burner is used, the unnecessary nitrogen (accounting for 79% of the air) is blown in, so the flame combustion temperature will be lowered. , Increase the amount of exhaust gas and increase the heat loss. When using a pure oxy-fuel burner, since the burner only uses the oxygen required for combustion, the flame combustion temperature can be increased to 3000 ℃, and the amount of exhaust gas is greatly reduced, so the heat loss can be suppressed and the effective heat can be increased. Reduce the consumption of heavy oil and reduce fuel costs.

  The heating capacity required by the pure oxygen burner is the same as that of the air burner, and it is required to be able to heat the temperature of the refractory lining of the ladle from about 600°C to over 1000°C in about 20 minutes. When the conventional air burner is used, the maximum combustion volume is 520L/hr, while the pure oxy-fuel burner increases the effective heat, so the maximum combustion volume is 350L/hr, which is sufficient.

   When the conventional air burner is used, the heating capacity is 20°C/min when the amount of heavy oil burned is 450L/hr, and when the pure oxygen burner is used, the effective heat is increased, and the amount of heavy oil burned is 200~250L. In the case of /hr, the same heating capacity as an air burner can be obtained.

After the introduction of a pure oxygen burner, the combustion efficiency is improved. Therefore, the temperature rise of the ladle refractory before filling the molten steel is as follows. After heating for 15 minutes, the temperature of the refractory will reach 75°C, and after heating for 20 minutes, it will reach 100°C, it will reach 125°C after heating for 25 minutes.
   Compared with the air burner, the unit consumption of heavy fuel is reduced by 46% after the pure oxygen burner is adopted, and the energy saving effect is very significant.

According to the comparison of the fuel cost before and after the burner improvement, when the pure oxy-fuel burner is used, although the cost of oxygen has increased, the total fuel cost has dropped by about 37%. At the same time, it reduces CO2 emissions and contributes to improving the environment.

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