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Aluminium Die Casting

Aluminum Die Casting Services

Aluminum is the most abundant metal element in the earth’s crust. It has good malleability, flexibility, conductivity and durability, the appearance is silver or dull grey. It’s the commonly die casting material as it exhibits excellent machinability. The die casting machine can manufacture unique and quality batch aluminum prototypes parts. Die Casting is just the perfect choice, the advantages are in the machining process, and that is the high precision and die casting aluminum. Aluminum High Pressure Die Casting is applied to molten cast aluminum in the mold cavity which is Similar to injection molding. Complex parts with sophisticated shapes can be made through aluminum die casting service. The precision die casting aluminum parts contains: Automobile engine block, rocker arm, carburetor, water pump housing, gearbox housing, clutch housing, steering housing and other parts of the production and more

Benefits & Features Of Die Casting Aluminum Material

  • – Customization: It facilitates the attainment of complex designs and forms, making it easy to customize the casting to specific manufacturing processes.
  • – Higher rates: Aluminum alloy die castings enable parts to be manufactured at a much higher rate than other metal alloys. Robotic die cast work cells are also used to increase production efficiency.
  • – Lightweight strength: Aluminum castings offer the highly valued combination of light weight and superior strength.
  • – Low cost: Aluminum die cast parts are typically less expensive than other metal alloys.
  • – Versatile and resistant to corrosion: Aluminum castings are extremely versatile and offer excellent resistance against corrosion.

Die Casting Service With Aluminum – Aluminum Die Cast Parts Manufacturer In China

If you are seeking a vendor to provide you high quality aluminum parts die casted, MINGHE Casting is one of the most capable and affordable sources specializing in manufacturing precision OEM aluminum precision die casting parts on advanced casting machines with the highest industry standards and premium quality. With over 20 years working experience, we are a well established and experienced precision casting company in China, custom a variety of cheap aluminum casting parts according to your needs. Mainly serves for automotive, medical devices, engineering, electronics, chemical, construction, aerospace and more industries.

Aluminum die casting has been a specialty of MINGHE Casting Company for over 20 years. Our aluminum casting services have been helping engineers, product designers and architects bring their designs to life with state of the art part designs and reliable quality. 

We’re an ISO 9001:2015 certified aluminum die casting manufacturer that specializes in aluminum die casting services for the world’s leading industries and companies. Our equipment covers almost all die casting engineering, designing and development needs your company may require, and our aluminum die casting plant is located on 9000 square.

Information of MINGHE aluminum die cast production

  • Aluminum Parts Expert (Aluminium high pressure die casting | Aluminum Profile (Extrusion) | Sand Casting | Stamping)
  • Vacuum die casting machine in house
  •  Aluminium High Pressure Die Casting machines from 180ton to 3500 ton,max weight :60kg (133pound)
  • 50 set cnc machine for machined castings parts,metal, extrusion etc.
  • Powder coating production  line,CMM,X-ray  in house 

Product Description Of Our Aluminum Casting Services

Wide range of Aluminum Die Casting Materials:
ADC 12, ADC 10,Aluminum Y102,Aluminum Y112, Aluminum Y113,AC3AM,ZLD101,Aluminium A356,
Custom Colors
Black, Natural, Blue, Green and different colors as your requirements


Surface Finishing:
Sand blasting, shot blasting, polishing, anodizing, oxidation, electrophoresis, chromate, powder coating and painting
Various Aluminum CNC Machining Process:
CNC aluminum milling, CNC aluminum turning, CNC aluminum drilling


Aluminum Die Casting Applications:
Aluminum CNC parts can be applied to automotive, electrics, military, medical, aircraft, power generation, aerospace, and industrial engineering


Advantages Of Our Aluminum Die Casting Service

  • – Have full inspection and routing inspection during Die Casting aluminum parts production.
  • – Modern and advanced casting equipment to ensure highest accuracy of aluminum die casting parts.
  • – Accumulated professional machining and rapid prototyping experience, provide you with the most professional and effective advice.
  • – Has strong and professional technical team and efficient management operation system and is equipped with advanced manufacturing equipment, ensure you can get best aluminum parts of  die casting service.