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Die casting is a metal casting process, which is characterized by applying high pressure to the molten metal using the cavity of the mold. This process is somewhat similar to injection molding. 


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We provide a wide range of engineering solutions for die casting production, including value engineering, metallurgical engineering, target price discussion, life cycle cost calculation and value analysis. With the help of our engineering professionals, you will get a guarantee of top products, which only we can provide here. If you want to communicate with one of our engineering professionals, please contact us online.



While this is essentially true, we’ve learned over 35 years of working reality that many critical differences make automotive or led lighting projects different from telecom, aerospace or electronic ones. Learning these special requirements – and successfully responding to them – is what makes Minghe the choice for custom die casting across a wide variety of specialized fields.


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Minghe is a global, full-service manufacturer of precision die casting products.Supporting nearly 500 employees, our 50,000 square meter campus is top-notch, with production areas that feature more than 20 advanced 160T-1600T die-casting machines, 50+ CNC machining centers, 3 large CMMs, and a host of other machines, including: x-rays, spectrometers, leak testers, and ultrasonic cleaners.