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Transmission Case Die Casting Automation Case Studies

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Transmission case die casting automation case:

The robot will first scoop a spoonful of aluminum alloy stock solution, then pour the raw materials into the die-casting machine, and then wait for the die-casting machine to complete the die-casting. The robot will take out the gearbox housing from the die-casting machine, and then perform the slag removal package processing. After the cleaning is completed, The gearbox housing will be placed in the water tank for cooling. After completion, it will be placed on the transport belt and sent to the designated location for reception. If an enterprise uses die-casting automation robots, it can increase the efficiency of die-casting, improve the quality of die-casting parts, and effectively reduce enterprise costs and increase profits. (See the legend for details)

Automated process of gearbox housing die casting 1

Automated process of gearbox housing die casting 2

Automated process of gearbox housing die casting3

Automated process of gearbox housing die casting 4

Automated process of gearbox housing die casting 5

Minghe Casting Company adopts a robot automation system, which can realize a one-stop operation of processes such as deslagging, dewatering, marking, cooling, punching, and palletizing with the robot as the center, and has achieved a major breakthrough in the process of automation equipment.

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Under the control of ISO9001 and TS 16949,All processes are carried out through hundreds of advanced die casting machines, 5-axis machines, and other facilities, ranging from blasters to Ultra Sonic washing machines.Minghe not only has advanced equipment but also have professional team of experienced engineers,operators and inspectors to make the customer’s design come true.


Contract manufacturer of die castings. Capabilities include cold chamber aluminum die casting parts from 0.15 lbs. to 6 lbs., quick change set up, and machining. Value-added services include polishing, vibrating, deburring, shot blasting, painting, plating, coating, assembly, and tooling. Materials worked with include alloys such as 360, 380, 383, and 413.


Zinc die casting design assistance/concurrent engineering services. Custom manufacturer of precision zinc die castings. Miniature castings, high pressure die castings, multi-slide mold castings, conventional mold castings, unit die and independent die castings and cavity sealed castings can be manufactured. Castings can be manufactured in lengths and widths up to 24 in. in +/-0.0005 in. tolerance.  

ISO 9001 2015 certified manufacturer of die cast magnesium and mold manufacturing

ISO 9001: 2015 certified manufacturer of die cast magnesium, Capabilities include high-pressure magnesium die casting up to 200 ton hot chamber & 3000 ton cold chamber, tooling design, polishing, molding, machining, powder & liquid painting, full QA with CMM capabilities, assembly, packaging & delivery.

Minghe Casting Additional Casting Service-investment casting etc

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Transmission Case Die Casting Automation Case Studies

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